It’s fresh, new, and most of all, it’s beautiful. With its name followed after a sprawling picturesque national park which graces Apple’s home state, the latest and greatest OS by far, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, will be released later this year and promises tons of new tricks that will truly satisfy both new and loyal Mac users. Yosemite will bring the biggest update to OS X in years, combining desktop-level power with the elegance of iOS to create a stunning environment that will make even old Macs feel new again. And have you also heard that it’s free? That’s right. So for the time being, let’s get to know a little more about OS X Yosemite and find out why it’s “highly-acclaimed.”

Here’s some of the awesome features you need to know about Apple’s prettiest and the most powerful OS ever.

1. Design

Apple OS X Yosemite

Compared to Mavericks or Mountain Lion, there’s no really drastic changes made with Yosemite, but everything starting from the windows to the dock has received a meticulous makeover, which gives it a streamlined look that unifies every aspect of our desktop. One thing you’ll notice about Yosemite is that it has tighter design, with a flatter and simpler icon design that’s lifted from iOS 7. Another big noticeable change is the window translucency, giving its toolbars and sidebars a frosted glass-like effect. This allows you to see color tones of background content through your foreground programs. Some minor changes include cleaner toolbars, and the minimize, maximize, and close buttons are now replaced with the close, minimize, and full screen ones, which brings a less clunky experience. Another aesthetic change made is the system font. Yosemite’s system font is cleaner, more legible, and will be familiar to iOS 7 and 8 users. All in all, OS X Yosemite is packed with subtle changes, making a stark contrast to the multicolored tile interface of Windows 8.

2. Dark Mode


In addition to the translucent menu bars and a brand new icon set, there is now an optional dark mode that is perfect for people who don’t want to be distracted by OS X’s default white bright interface. To be specific, Dark Mode turns the normally light-colored interface into a darker, less obtrusive shades of gray and black, which makes it easier for the user’s eyes especially when in dark environments.

3. Widely Improved Spotlight Search

Apple took its sweet time on improving Spotlight search in Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Now, users get a large, clear search box right in the middle of the Desktop, instead of the small box in the top-right corner. Any search will now give you a whole range of new context sensitive options, such as Wikipedia search results, web search results from Bing, and a big preview pane to display documents as you hover over the results. Users can also get Spotlight search results directly from the Safari search bar.

4. iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive effectively turns iCloud into something similar to Dropbox where files are accessible in Finder for you to open in any app you prefer. Yosemite users will get 5GB of free storage, and if you want to get more, you can avail of its 20GB storage space for $0.99 a month, and 200GB for only $1.99 per month. There are also tiers up to 1TB, however pricing is yet to be disclosed by Apple.

This enables another feature, the Mail Drive, wherein Mac OS will send email attachments that exceed attachment limits for email via iCloud Drive automatically.

5. Handoff

This is one of the new features that exemplifies Apple’s developer conference’s theme which is continuity. It allows you to easily pick up your task that you left off from any of your Apple device. For example, if you’re doing a report on your Mac but you need to leave so soon, you can easily open the same report and see it from where you left off from your iPad. And it works the other way around as well. If you’re editing something, say like a photo on your iPad, but then you decided you wanted to continue it on a larger screen, a simple tap of the Handoff button will allow you to do just that.

It’s simple, but powerful and convenient and works with Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, and Contacts. This is a brilliant idea of convincing people to buy into Apple’s ecosystem — and we can safely say “Why not?”

6. Extended Notification Center

The new version of Notification Center now has a Today feature that functions as a daily agenda of meetings, events, reminders, and birthdays along with your scheduled activities (like doctor’s appointment or do the groceries), the following day.

Users can also add and customize the position of different widgets including Calendar, Weather, Stocks, World Clock, Reminders, and Calculator. You can also get extra widgets by downloading them from the Mac App Store, and then view them at a glance even if you’re in a fullscreen app, by doing a simple swipe gesture.

7. Continuity

This is OS X Yosemite’s best feature, with Apple emphasizing on how important it was for it to create a seamless experience between all of its iDevices and Macs. For starters, Macs and iDevices will be able to recognize each other automatically, and connects to each other without having the user to do anything. For example, you’re doing something on your iMac when suddenly your iPhone rings while it’s being charged in your bedroom. With Yosemite and iOS 8, you’ll get a notification on your Mac desktop to let you know who’s calling. Now, you can choose either to reject the call or answer it and carry out the phone call directly on your Mac — all that without doing anything near your iPhone, that’s nicely charging away in your bedroom. You can do the same thing on Messages. You can now send and receive SMS, MMS, and audio clip messages directly from your Mac — regardless of whether or not they’re being sent, or received from, an iPhone. Another cool feature when it comes to your Mac connecting automatically to your iPhone is that you’re able to use Yosemite’s Instant Hotspot function. Let’s say you’re connecting via Wi-Fi on a public coffee shop when suddenly the connection broke down. Simply select your automatically connected iPhone in the Wi-Fi menu, and you’re connected onto mobile data in no time — no passwords needed. Talk about awesomeness.

While we’re still waiting for its arrival, its promised features and changes seem to be quite impressive. From a gorgeous interface to fast, natural search and incredible iDevice integration, Apple has again increased its software mark to another impressive height. We can’t wait to get the “experience of a lifetime” with these cool features that Apple will bring to its customers.

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