Microsoft developed Windows 10 with lots of great features in mind, and Cortana is definitely one of them. As we already know, there are a number of things you can do with Cortana, such that you haven’t had enough time to figure them all out.

So check out below some other amazing things you can do with your AI friend, Cortana.

Ask Cortana to sing for you


Cortana can do a lot of serious and useful tasks, but did you know that she also has a funny side? Simply say, “Cortana, sing me a song” or you can use the famous line “what does the fox say?” You’ll get a human-like voice and not the one that sounds like a computer.

Ask Cortana to Make a Specific Search

You want Cortana to open your work folder, but until now you’ve only had her open your folders in general. With the following tip, you can have Cortana open your work folder directly. You only need to type in “Folder: Work.”


First, specify the search category and then the kind of folder you want Cortana to open for you. You can also try options such as “Apps:” “Edge:” “Music:” “Imagine Dragons:” and so on (just an example).

Ask Cortana to Track Your Packages Manually

Cortana can automatically scan your emails to track packages that you bought. Now, what if someone else bought the package for you or you’re using a different email that’s not set up in the email app? No need to worry, because you can still track the package by adding a tracking ID.

Cortana can track your package with carriers such as FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL. It can also track your packages from Amazon, eBay, Microsoft Store, Apple, Target, and Walmart. Open Cortana and type in your tracking number. You can then start tracking your package once Cortana validates it.

Have Cortana Update You with the Latest News

Wouldn’t it be cool if you’re one step ahead from your friends or colleagues when it comes to what’s recently happening around you? All you need to do is swipe up from the app screen, and Cortana will let you know what’s going on in the world and with the things you’re interested in.

Get Rid of Topics You Don’t Want Cortana to Show You

Cortana wants to keep you informed, that’s why she will show you info on all sorts of subjects. That could clutter things up since you might not be an academic fan and couldn’t care less if Cortana showed you that kind of information.


To turn off the cards you don’t want Cortana to show, open Cortana and click on the Notebook icon from the navigation pane. Look for and open for the category you want to disable in the Settings panel, and then toggle it off.

Disable Cortana on Your Lock Screen

Having Cortana on your lock screen can be very helpful when you want to look something up real fast. But that means someone who picked up your device can also do the same thing without your permission. That also means they can read your messages and your calendar events.

So to disable Cortana, click on the inside of the Cortana search box, and then click on the cog icon to the left. Lastly, turn off the switch that allows you to use Cortana on your lock screen.

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