You may be used to listening to your favorite music using Spotify every single day, but do you know it’s every nook and cranny? For instance, did you know that you can recover playlists that you’ve already deleted? Or invite other Spotify users to follow your playlist?

If you consider yourself well-versed in the ways of Spotify, check out these tricks and find out yourself if you really are.

Listen to your Discover Weekly playlist every Monday


One of Spotify’s most beloved features is Discover Weekly, a personalized playlist for every user that’s automatically updated every Monday with new music based on your listening habits. Songs are selected by Spotify robots based on your listening habits.

People love it. In just 10 weeks of its existence, users have streamed over 1 billion tracks. And 60% of them, according to Spotify, stream at least five tracks from their playlist. There is a small catch, however. Your Discover Weekly playlist gets wiped and refreshed with new songs every Monday. If you had a busy week or forgot to check it out, you could miss out on hearing your new favorite song. Fortunately, this IFTTT recipe will automatically move your Discover Weekly songs into a separate playlist every week so you won’t miss a tune.

Download songs to play when you don’t have an Internet connection


Spotify Premium subscribers, who pay $9.99 a month, can download music to listen to when they’re not connected to the Internet. This can come in handy when you want to use the app but don’t have a way to get online.

At the top of any playlist or album, just toggle the Available Offline button to on and Spotify will start downloading the included music. Any song you’ve made available offline will have a tiny green icon next to its track name.

According to Spotify, you can sync a maximum of 3,333 songs offline per device and stay offline for up to 30 days at a time.

View your history and add great songs you missed

Have you ever been bopping along to a great radio station or someone else’s playlist, heard an awesome song, got sidetracked, and completely forgot what it was? Well, anyone have had those moments.

Open the Spotify desktop app, then click the hamburger icon in the lower-right hand corner to open up your play queue. Once there, you can see what songs are going to play next, and more importantly, every song you’ve already listened to. Your play history is synced up across your account, so it even includes songs you listened to on your phone, on your browser at work, or on your video game console. If you’re having a hard time finding an awesome song you heard earlier, then this is the answer to your problem.

Import songs you have in iTunes and other places on your computer directly into Spotify


If you’d like to use Spotify as your only way of consuming music, you can import downloaded tracks from your computer’s hard drive, including what you have on iTunes. This can be useful if you own music that may not be available to stream on Spotify.

The ability to import your own music into Spotify requires a paid premium subscription. On Spotify’s desktop app, open preferences and scroll down to Local Files. Select which sources you want Spotify to import tracks from, like your iTunes folder.

The Local Files tab under Your Music in the Spotify app will display all these tracks.

Use your phone as a Spotify remote control and play music from another computer or your speakers

Spotify lets you quickly switch between devices that are logged into your account and play music remotely. So if you have the Spotify app up and running on your Mac at home, you can open Spotify on your iPhone and control playback on your Mac.

The technology also works with a host of speakers, like those from Sonos, as well as with some newer TVs.

Read lyrics in real time as a song plays


Spotify’s desktop app has built-in lyrics support, which means you can play a song and read the lyrics without leaving the app. Lyrics playback can even sync up with the progress of a song, so you can sing along with your favorite artist.

Tap and hold on albums and playlists to get an instant preview

You can “touch preview” music in Spotify’s iPhone app to get a quick listen of music without lifting your finger. It’s a great way to explore a new playlist you may be interested in without opening it.

Share songs with your friends directly in Spotify


Did you know that Spotify has a built-in messaging tool for sharing music and communicating with other Spotify users? When you go to share an album or playlist, select the Send To… option, and then enter the name of the Spotify user you’re trying to reach. You can add text to accompany the message, and your inbox will show when the person has listened to the song you’ve sent them.

Invite others to follow your playlist

Other Spotify users can subscribe to your playlist(s). It’s simple and easy to do — just right-click on the playlist, and then select Share. Then send it to anyone on Spotify and they’ll have the option to follow it.

Make playlists collaborative so other people can add to them

If you want to make a playlist with someone else on Spotify, you can make it collaborative by clicking the little  (three dots) icon next to Following. Anyone who’s editing the playlist will get a notification whenever music is added.

Recover a playlist you deleted


If you can’t find one of your playlists, accidentally deleted one, or just want to bring an old friend back from the dead, Spotify holds onto deleted playlists for a long time. To recover a deleted playlist, log into your account on Spotify’s website, and then select the Recover playlists option at the left-hand side. Once there, look for the playlist you want to resurrect, and click the corresponding Restore link. Like magic, it will reappear in your Spotify app again.

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