On the average, an iPhone usually lasts for three years or so when the software can no longer keep up and the battery begins to fail. The Apple Store plays an essential role as users can send in these old iPhones or iPads. You can have your old device for cash or a gift card, and some can simply be recycled. Regardless if you get anything in return or not, it’s equally important to find a place where you can recycle it properly.

Below are some great ways on how to recycle your old Apple devices.

1.     Apple’s Renew and Recycling Program


Through the Apple Renew and Recycle program, you can trade in your aging device for an Apple Store gift card to put towards a new device or accessories. To get started with the process, you will have to answer a few questions regarding your device before an offer will be presented.

2.     eBay Valet


eBay has always been a go-to spot on the Web for used electronics and the like. If you do not have the time or know-how to list them yourself, you can always send your device to eBay Valet where photos will be professionally taken and where it will be listed on your behalf. In turn, you will receive a large portion of the final sale. In fact, for an item that sells for over $500, you will earn 80% of the sell price.

3.     Gazelle

Gazelle will quote you an offer for your device online and then ship you a prepaid box. Place your restored device into the box and ship it off! Within a couple of weeks you will receive cash. In addition to selling, you can also buy used devices right from Gazelle.

4.     Facebook Marketplace


You can also use the Facebook Marketplace to list your devices and sell directly to consumers. This is by far one of the easiest ways to sell in your local area and maintain 100% of the profits. Downsides include having to meet potential buyers and having to go through the process of setting up and maintaining a listing yourself.

5.     Gamestop

Take your device up to the nearest Gamestop for a quick inspection and quote. While these quotes may not be the highest around, it is definitely one of the quicker ways available for making some cash off of your old device.

6.     Swappa


On Swappa, you can browse products based on the model and its overall quality. This, in turn, makes it easy to get started with selling your own items and giving them a proper categorization. Before even beginning the selling process, you can view the going rate for each device based on carrier and other qualifiers.

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