Almost every year, smartphones have been improving and trying their best to replace every other gadget that people own. From gaming to office work to photography, smartphones nowadays are aiming to be experts at everything. People now have super powerful digital cameras in their pockets, and all of them have the power to capture, share, and access images and video from anywhere in the world in an instant. Things have changes tremendously when it comes to expressing oneself (memes and the #selfie culture), eating (you won’t consider it a meal unless it’s been on Instagram), and many others.

But with all these hype going around, there’s still a chance that you’re still not taking advantage of all the cool things that your phone’s camera can actually do. Here are some cool smartphone camera tricks you might want to know about.

Most Phones Have the Ability to See Infrared

Try this one — shoot an infrared beam let’s say from your remote control into your phone’s camera, and you’ll see that the otherwise invisible light renders as a purplish beam in the phone’s display. There’s not many daily applications you can about it, but it can serve useful to determine if your TV’s remote control in indeed running low on batteries.

The explanation behind this is that most digital camera sensors have the ability to detect frequencies of light that are invisible to the naked eye. Some smartphones imprecisely translate these frequencies into the display’s image. This was held true when tested on a variety of Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6, Moto X, One M9, and then Nexus 7.

You Can Use With Telescopes and Binoculars

If you stick your phone’s lens right up to the telescope eye piece, you’ll be able to capture the magnified image or scene on the other side. This is pretty useful when you’re bird hunting and you want to take a snapshot of that exotic bird you’ve just spotted a few yards away. Amazing, right?

Snap a Picture Using the Volume Button

Taking “selfie” photos is now becoming a serious business, especially if you’re going to post it on your social media account. Although this is the case, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Many people probably don’t realize that you can snap a photo by hitting either the volume button (on most phone models — both iOS and Android). Meaning, there’s no need for you to tap your phone’s virtual button that on your screen, which can be considered handy when you’re taking a selfie. This feature has been reportedly tested and worked on various iPhones and several Android models. Now that you know about it, you’ll never go back shooting photos by tapping your phone’s screen again.

Take a Panorama Shot While in Transit

Most smartphones already have this built-in panorama function, which allows you to capture big wide scenes by stitching together various images as you tilt or move your camera. There are also many third-party apps that let you achieve the same panoramic images as well. While these are designed to be used with the person in stationary position, it can also work while riding in a transit. How? Just hold your phone steady and then point it out the window. Be warned because the stitching of the images can be rough, giving you a different but cool effect from what it’s supposed to look.

Create Multiple Yous Without the Help of Photoshop

Talking about the panoramic feature of your phone, you can also use it to make clones of none other than –yourself! You just need to ask a friend to do a slow pan across a field of vision, while you run behind them after they shoot your first scene, and then back to the other side of the frame. Then just repeat the process.

Read Barcodes and QR Codes Using Your Phone

Major app stores offer numerous and free barcode reader apps that will do the job for you. Here’s why this is a useful function: 1) you can scan the barcode on most packages that enter the USPS, UPS, and FedEx ecosystems and automatically transfer that info to your device; and 2) using the reader will give you more information and other promotions about the product.


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