A smartwatch, just like the famous Google Glass, acts as a second screen to your phone. The more apps with useful smartwatch features you put into it, the more it becomes as your phone’s dashboard. Aside from Pebble’s recent integration with RunKeeper, a free app that can monitor your running, walking, or cycling information (minutes elapsed, distance, and average speed), there’s nothing much that the Pebble smartwatch offers with regards to fitness or health tracking.

Currently, there are some apps that are available in the Pebble app store that you can download that can help you achieve your watch’s full potential when it comes to tracking or monitoring your workout routines. Even though these apps are just few since the Pebble app store is still in its infancy stage, you could still say that they can do the job in bringing fitness-like features straight from this wearable device on your wrist.

Check out these fitness-related apps that you can use with your Pebble smartwatch.

Morpheuz Pebble

Morpheuz Pebble is a free app that works independently of your smartphone, and graphs your nightly sleep using your smartwatch. Upon installing the app, you have the option to set an alarm should you wish to do so. However, you may notice that you’ll be asked to set a general timeframe instead of an exact time when setting the alarm. The reason for this is for the app to wake you when you’re likely to feel rested, basing upon your sleep pattern for the night.

Pedometer for Pebble

Developed by  Jathusan Thiruchelvanathan, the Pedometer app for Pebble lets you set a daily step goal in it, and view your current step count, overall step count, and calories burned. You can download the Pedometer app for free and does not require any type of companion app on your smartphone.

The major setback of the app is that it cannot run in the background. Once you back out of the app, your current count step count resets to zero. Nonetheless, it’s a good app to use to help you count steps either throughout your day, or when you go for a run or walk.

Pebble Heart Rate

With Pebble’s lack of capability to monitor vital stats of your body such as your heart rate, a companion app was developed that can do just that. Called the Pebble Heart Rate, it requires both an iPhone app ($1.99 in the App Store) and a free Pebble app. Once the app is installed on your iPhone, place a finger over the camera and flash on your phone to calculate your heart rate. At the same time, you’ll need to have the corresponding Pebble app installed and open on your smartwatch in order to view your heart rate and current temperature on your wrist. Though installing only the app for your iPhone will work, with or without the companion app for your smartwatch.


Thanks to a developer who decided to combine the iPhone 5S’ activity tracking with a free Pebble app, an app called Movable came out. The iOS app will only display activity information when installed on the iPhone 5S, and the Pebble version of the app connects to its iOS counterpart where you can view your current count step. Your activity stats are always present, and your smartwatch will still act as a watchface. You can leave the app running on your watch and come back to it if you want to see your running stats.

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