At last, hearsays have finally come to reality after some time — enter Apple’s super-sized iPad Pro. The 12.9-inch slate will be launched in November at a starting price of $799. The company claims that the iPad Pro is “the most capable and powerful iPad we’ve ever created.” So, let’s take a sneak peek at some of the most exciting features revealed to the public before it finally comes out in the market couple of months from now.

Enormous Display


The upcoming iPad Pro will have the biggest display screen ever seen on an iPad, a 12.9-inch screen that boasts a 2732 x 2048 resolution. That gives a pixel density of 264.68, which is the same density as the iPad Air 2 across a far larger screen, and a whopping total of 5.6 million pixels.

Apple boasted that the iPad Pro has more pixels than the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro. The iPad Pro offers 78 percent more screen space than the iPad Air 2. Its width is the same as the iPad Air 2’s length, making it easy to run apps optimized for the smaller device in portrait, with the Pro in landscape orientation. Running two apps side by side would work well, too because of the Split View feature in iOS 9.

Smart Keyboard


The iPad Pro has an optional Smart Keyboard that lets you convert the tablet to a mini-laptop, similar to purpose of Microsoft’s Touch Cover for the Surface tablet. The fabric-based keyboard costs $169 and utilizes the same dome switches as the latest MacBook. When the Smart Keyboard is attached to the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector, iOS 9 will automatically optimize itself for physical keyboard input.

Apple Pencil


Here’s another key iPad Pro accessory, the $99 Apple Pencil is designed to make doodling on the iPad feel as natural as scribbling on paper. Apple first-ever stylus is built to provide super-low latency with accurate force detection, enabling users to make detailed works of art. Apps such as Microsoft Office will be optimized for the Apple Pencil, allowing you to annotate documents without getting ink smudges on your hand.

Big Speakers


The iPad Pro has a four-speaker audio system, as was rumored previously. The giant company claimed that this is the first time an Apple product has this offered. What does this quad-speaker setup produce in practice? According to Apple, the iPad Pro can emit three times the audio volume of the iPad Air 2. The setup also rebalances the sound performance depending on how you’re holding the device.

Powerful Processor and Longer Battery Life


The biggest tablet of Apple also boasts the most powerful powerful, which features a new A9X processor that promises twice the memory bandwidth and storage performance of Apple’s A8X chip. Apple even went a bold statement saying that it is 80 percent faster than any portable PCs released last year. Even the battery promises more power, which is claimed to last for 10 hours of steady use on a single charge.

As well as getting you through a full day in the office, that battery life is enough for a full long-haul flight worth of work or video playback, without having to go charger-hunting.

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