There are some small enhancements made on the Apple Watch’s new software version, the watchOS 4.3.Some of these new features include music control for your iPhone, new animations, and portrait Nightstand mode to name a few.

So, to give you a better idea on what particular changes will take place on your Apple Watch once you installed watchOS 4.3, check out the list below:



  • You can now choose between controlling your Apple Watch’s local music, music on your iPhone, or music on your HomePod
  • You can control volume, play/pause, and song choice on any of these three options
  • AirPlay now lists the Apple Watch itself as “Speaker” next to any compatible Bluetooth headphones (or your HomePod)
  • You can now choose your iPhone’s AirPlay output from Apple Watch



  • Nightstand Mode will display in Portrait or Landscape orientation
  • There’s a new delightful charging animation

Watch Faces, Apps, and Security


  • The Siri watch face will pop up with messages about your Activity Rings progress and when your Apple Music mixes update
  • New app-launching animation
  • New icon when using the Apple Watch to unlock your Mac

Bug fixes

  • Fixes the issue where some users got Activity achievements without actually doing the challenge
  • Fixes a problem where Siri music commands wouldn’t work
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