The problem with having a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) is not being able to afford your own IT department with IT personnel. You will surely need a tech support team to keep your computers running and see it fixed if something goes wrong.

A few decades ago small and medium sized businesses didn’t even need any tech support services. This is simply because there were no computers and no Internet yet. Today, however, almost 70 percent of communications and data transfer is done through computers and the Internet, a technological leap that has turned many small or medium sized businesses into global businesses.

This technological leap has brought in a need for a newer breed of individuals who can maintain or repair this new technology. The former typewriter repairmen and telephone technicians have given way to the expert individuals trained in the art of IT repair, support, and optimization.


Communicating with your clients and among employees and branches establishes not only the business and sales, but also relationships. This can be broken when computers get bogged down, in need of repair, uses less efficient software, or runs too slow. Communication is the lifeblood of any business, so staying in touch with your IT support team ensures that communication lines remain open.


A tech support team ensures that your technology is running at optimal levels because your computers are your bread and butter in marketing your products and services. Newspaper, radio, and TV ads are giving way to business websites, search engine marketing, online sales, and e-mails. When a computer gets broken, or when the office network isn’t working well, the marketing bogs down.

Overall Productivity

SME’s need every ounce of technology to wring every inch of productivity and having employees get tasks done faster and the key is to keep employees focused when using technology to save time. Having a dedicated IT support team makes sure that each and every computer is running well so the company can maximize on productivity.

Customer Service

In line with communication, customer service brings clients closer to any company. E-mails, online chats, the business’ website, and social media sites bring clients and any company closer compared to mere telephone calls. This advance in customer service technology must be constantly watched over by your IT team.

Your Routers and Internet Network Also Need Attention

Your computers are not the only ones that need attention. If your Internet connection or even your routers begin to fail, all your business efforts will be for naught. Something as simple as where to place your wireless signal routers may need the attention of your tech support team. Or the omni-directional antennas may simply need replacing.

Business Presentations

A powerful business presentation, even if presented by an SME, can help improve your business by leaps and bounds. A knockout business presentation can reap many financial rewards. Again, computers and the Internet play a big part in this so you need your tech support team to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Monitor New Technology Trends

No business operates in a vacuum (that’s why you need to always talk to your tech support team). The events and changes in software, hardware, and applications alone have an effect on your business. Your IT team actually can help you stay current on trends and issues.

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