Who is not into Facebook or Twitter nowadays? Who haven’t heard of YouTube, Google, or Yahoo? Only a few are left behind on the goings-on in the world of advanced technology.

One could be overwhelmed by terminologies such as routers, VPN, peer-to-peer, malware, and so on. Lucky for those who have at least a little technical background, where they can somewhat manage to handle the demands of technology. But for a novice user, it’s difficult where to start and whom to ask for help. Even the simplest network setup can be a huge challenge for people like them.

In that regard, companies were created that will be able to provide the necessary support for different types of consumer in order to meet the challenges and demands of computing technology.  For the past decade, technical support companies made a big impact as to how consumers patronize the use of technology-related products into their daily lives. As the number of tech support providers increases, every customer must consider several factors when choosing a tech support service that will truly provide the help that they need.

Below is a list of things to think about when choosing a tech support over the phone:

1. Look for a tech support that can give the most complete support.

Some companies provide assistance only for the things that you ask them to give. While some offers you more than what you have called for, and then ends the call once your concern(s) have been resolved. A good tech support provider should go the extra mile in giving their customers the service that they need. For example, if a customer calls asking for help setting up his wireless network, a great tech support would not only help him set up his wireless network, but will also walk the customer through in enabling the wireless security of his network. This simple added service will make the customer feel and realize that he is well taken care of, and will definitely come back because of a satisfied customer service experience.

2. They are open 24/7.

Experiencing a network problem in the middle of the night can be terrifying, especially if you’re rushing a very important project or paper work. You can’t afford to waste more precious time since you need to finish your work as soon as possible. A tech support that is available anytime of the day can be a big lifesaver for situations like these. Being able to get support 24 x 7 is considered as a great advantage and will most likely attract more customers to avail of the service.

3. Phone support encounters can be a learning experience.

Provided you keep an open mind and a willingness to be told about by a technician, you may learn bits and pieces of how networking works. The agony of unplugging and re-plugging of cables or cords may not be as daunting as it seems. Your ever-patient technician will explain to you which cable goes into which port. Should you have a receptive mind, you may not need tech support in the long run.

4. Remote access software.

Most tech support uses programs that allow them to remotely access your computer. This method is ideal to customers who are having difficulty following the tech’s instructions. Technicians can access and control your computer as if they’re in front of it. This is a common procedure when troubleshooting VPN and other complex networking setup.

5. All ears.

It’s a normal scenario in the daily job of a tech support to get an irate customer, whose yakking about his equipment that suddenly stopped working. Unpleasant words, along with high-pitched voices, are thrown at them. Nonetheless, a good tech support should have superb patience, understanding, and still have all ears to attend to your concerns…even your rants.

6. Safety & Comfort.

Having a tech support over the phone gives you the confidence to move freely while following the tech’s instructions, compared to hiring a technician to do an on-site troubleshooting. For some who are paranoid about their safety, letting a stranger into their home could pose a security risk and a feeling of uneasiness. You can easily perform the troubleshooting yourself right at the comfort of your home, provided you have a reliable tech support provider.

7. Technical Confidence.

Last, but not the least, choose a technical support that can answer all your concerns and queries with full confidence. You will know if the technician knows what he’s doing, even just by listening to the tone of his voice. A tech support with an excellent knowledge and skills can easily adjust to the customer’s level of technical know-how, and be able to provide the appropriate level of support.

The above list is just a compilation of what I have personally experienced when dealing with phone technical support. Meeting people over the phone is a different level of human contact. Just remember that an ideal tech support must provide sufficient technical assistance, customer service, understanding, and giving some more…all delivered with a smile!


Written By: Elma Tolosa – Tech Support Engineer at Supportrix



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