Siri, Apple’s famous digital assistant is one of the company’s more limited features. Although she’s not as powerful like Google’s counterpart, Siri’s abilities have improved over time. Meaning to say, there are a number of tasks that you can actually do better with Siri, and here are some of them:

1. Add Calendar Events


You can take advantage of Siri’s natural language processing to easily add events to your calendar. By saying for example, “Schedule an appointment with Helen next Friday at 2 PM” will create that calendar event for you. It will also scan your contacts for anyone named Helen and then link them to that event, if found. This is better than using the built-in calendar app and it’s quicker to boot.

2. Make a Note


The voice trigger for this particular command is fairly flexible. You can say something like, “Note to self…” or “Make a note…” and Siri will create a new item in Notes containing whatever you say afterwards.

3. Set a Timer


A fairly basic task will become easier when you ask for Siri’s assistance. Just say, “Set a timer for 10 minutes,” and Siri will automatically start the countdown. This is greatly useful if you’re doing some chores like cooking, baking, or other household chores that need to be timed.

4. Spell a Word


Pronouncing a word and spelling a word are two bits of knowledge that are only loosely related. Instead of typing incorrect permutations and hoping AutoCorrect will get what you mean, you can quickly check the spelling with Siri. Just say, “Spell definitely” for example, and Siri will reply with a text box showing you the word. She’ll also spell it out loud, which could either be embarrassing or helpful, depending on your location.

5. Search the Dictionary


You can also use Siri to find the definition of words. Say “What’s the definition of inconceivable?” and Siri will reply verbally. This might be another context-dependent usage, but it’s great for words you’ve heard spoken but don’t know how to spell.

6. Search Your Own Photos


While Siri’s strongest suit might be web-based querying, that’s not all she can do. You can also search your phone’s own photos using Siri. Say “Find pictures of cats” to see all the photos that you’ve taken. It’s not guaranteed to get every image of cats, but it does a decent job.

7. Check the Weather


You can also get quick weather updates through Siri’s voice commands. You can trigger this one with a wide variety of voice commands, from a conversational “How’s the weather?” to a more direct “What’s the temperature?” Either way, you’ll get a quick summary of current conditions by voice. You can also check the screen for the day’s hourly forecast.


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