The most common and top complaint of iPhone users is the battery life that it offers. And the fact that the iPhone 6S has a lower battery capacity than the iPhone 6 is another fact that iPhone enthusiasts can be worried about.

Well, there is nothing one can do about the company’s preset limitations for a smartphone battery, but there are many things you do that will surely make it deteriorate even further. The most common offensive act that people commit against their iPhone’s battery is leaving the phone plugged in even if it’s already fully charged. People often search for battery charging tips and tricks, or they often wonder how to charge the phone’s battery and make it efficient. Below are some charging mistakes you need to stop doing immediately to your iPhone.

Charging it to 100%


The most common myth among mobile phone users is not to unplug the phone until it is 100% charged. However, maintaining a full charge is not the efficient way to keep your battery strong. In fact, most experts do not suggest to perform a full charge, but instead they recommend to keep the battery level between 30 to 80 percent throughout the day. So avoid charging it to 100 percent, instead go for more frequent and short bursts throughout the day to make your battery last longer.

Letting your phone die


When your phone’s lithium battery runs on its lowest level of power, it can become volatile. How often have you waited for your battery to show red and still used your phone while charging? If you do, there is a possibility of your phone short circuiting. An empty battery is like stressing out your phone. However on the flip side, Apple experts believe that discharging your phone’s entire power once in two months can help recalibrate your phone.

Overheating the battery


Although this isn’t actually a charging issue, but it’s still equally important. You’ve probably noticed your phone being annoyingly sluggish after it’s been sitting out in the sun. That’s because iPhone batteries are really susceptible to extreme temperatures, and have to work extra hard in high heat or cold. According to Apple, the “comfort zone” for iPhones (as well as iPads, iPods, and Apple Watches) is between 32 and 95 degrees. Bottom line: your phone is basically a needy little computer baby that needs to be bundled up and cooled off on the regular.

Using your wireless charger too much


Wireless chargers are meant for emergencies and when you are on the go. Keep it that way. Wireless chargers just like your phone, emit heat during operation. This can really damage your phone seriously. The best way to charge your phone when at home is to use an alternative power source with no attachment to the phone.

Using the Wrong Charger

The original Apple charger is specially designed to cut off charging as soon as the battery reaches 100% but the other cheap USB cords are not upto mark. And they can harm the battery by excessively charging the battery and they can even burst the battery as well.

Leaving your phone’s casing on while charging


If your phone feels too hot when it’s plugged in, it’s possible your fancy schmancy case might be trapping in the heat that’s produced while charging. So do your phone a favor and take it off.

Storing your backup phone without a charge

If you’re hanging on to your old phone as a backup for when you inevitably drop your new 6S in the toilet, make sure you stash it in a cool place, roughly half-charged. According to Apple, if you leave the battery completely depleted, it will fall into what’s known as a “deep discharge state,” which apart from sounding like a nightmarish medical issue, will render it less capable of holding a charge in the future. Conversely, if you store it fully charged for an extended period, it may lose some capacity as well.

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