Whether you’re a freelancer or working with a homebased group, the luxury of working from your own house offers plenty of benefits. Increased flexibility and relaxed approach to work tasks are only just a few. However, this comfort can be a double-edged sword if you aren’t well organized, get distracted easily, or haven’t adjusted your computer accordingly. So here’s a list of work from home tips for both your computer and yourself.

Get a proper work space or office

Some people may find it hard to keep focus when they work at home because there could be numerous potential distractions, some of them simply unavoidable. Interesting TV shows, unexpected visits, noisy children or spouse, and the list may go on and on. If you find yourself a space or office at home where you can exclusively work you will both increase your responsibility awareness because you’ll get the office feeling and avoid common distractions at your home. You also increase the potential of improving your network since you have the atmosphere of an office around you.

Make your internet browser more efficient

As you work from home you will spend a lot of your computer time on the internet. Since your work means using the internet as often as you can, you can make your web time more effective and even more generous, thanks to some tab extensions. For instance, Limitless Chrome extension helps you focus on what’s important with a smart notepad for reminders, quick access to the sites you need most, and reminders about where you’re spending more of your time online. It even suggests some great desktop wallpapers or inspirational quotes.

Merging all your clouds

The days of USB sticks for storing and sharing files are obsolete. The cloud has streamlined that task. However, you can get stuck wrangling multiple storage accounts and wondering where the heck you put that file you need now. Try a service like Otixo to access all your cloud storage in one place. You can connect to common cloud sources such as Amazon Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and others. You can search them all at once, plus conveniently drag and drop to instantly move files between services.

Stay away from personal Social Media

Ignoring social media while working is very necessary if you want to get a lot of work done while at home. Sometimes though, we tend to open our personal social media subconsciously, and it’s hard to control. However, what you can do is make it difficult to access your profiles. You can do so by logging out, deleting bookmarks, or maybe even blocking these websites while you work. Remember that the only social accounts you should be using while working are your profiles as a freelancer or a social network profile if you’re working with an online team collaboration.

Have a powerful computer

Offices always have the best and modern computers, faster Internet, and a nice coffee machine. So when working at home, why settle for an old laptop and mediocre Internet speed? Get the best equipment for your work because your work is your bread and butter. Would you treat your office any lesser?


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