Have you observed lately that there is a growing number of marketers that use social media sites to promote their businesses and interact with their clients? In this post, we’re going to pay attention to one of the booming social media channels today — Instagram. Instagram is a social media website and considered as one of the most effective marketing tool today. What makes it unique from other social media channels is that it focuses mainly on photos and photo captions, which catches the attention of its viewers in an instant. Marketers and even ordinary users can easily post pictures with captions directly from their mobile devices to share with their followers.

So why Instagram? Over the last few years, Instagram users and viewers have reached millions, not to mention companies are also using it as part of their contact method. One would think that it does not look like a powerful lead generator, but with the features that the photo-sharing app offers such as the ability to add filters, descriptions, locations and hashtags to pictures captured from your mobile device, it’s actually a great way for more people to discover your brand or business and expand your customer interaction.

According to an article fromĀ Forbes, Instagram was tagged as “the world’s most powerful selling tool.” In addition, user-generated photos with branded products, as well as Instagram’s sponsored posts, help to boost customer reach, recall and awareness, and, ultimately, lead to sales conversion. So, without further ado, here are five ways to improve your marketing strategy with the help of this great Internet-based tool.

Tip #1: Make Your Instagram Profile Interesting and Recognizable

Before you start posting anything, it’s important for viewers to immediately recognize your company’s account simply by looking at your Instagram profile. Take a look at Starbucks’ Instagram profile for example, what they showcase is their famous mermaid logo, and not the coffee.

You can also create a profile tagline, as well as links that will direct users to your company’s website. You can also instruct your followers to include your username or a branded hashtag to their photos that showcase your brand to add more engagement.

Tip #2: Give Users Exclusive Sneak Peek

People will often find it intriguing when it comes to behind-the-scenes or exclusive shots of your business’ products or services. Providing them with more insights thru photos like how your products or services are made or how it started is like giving them a bonus or perks just by being part of your social following. You can present it by making a photo collage that tells a story about you and your company.

Tip #3: Increase Customer Engagement Thru Contests

We are all aware that most contest nowadays are associated with Instagram for the plain reason that it’s easy to do via the channel. Companies or businesses would normally come up with the idea of a contest as a way of promoting their products or services. They would easily ask users to use a certain hashtag for the contest by tagging their pictures. Through Instagram, it’s pretty easy to search through the contestants’ photo entries, vote for your favorite entry, and then pick a winner.

This is a perfect way to attract more followers and increase your current followers’ interaction with your product. Also, make it a point to post interesting and meaningful content so that your followers will always be reminded why they would want to stick with your brand or service.

Tip #4: Make Your Customers Feel They’re a Star

Customers are your greatest advocates so do not forget to make them feel that your company is very thankful that they chose you. So how would you do that? You can post pictures, reviews, and feedbacks from them to let them know that their opinion matters. Newcomers will have an impression of how other people are already enjoying your brand, and will greatly encourage them to follow, buy, or avail of your products, too.

Posting pictures of your customers will help showcase your brand values and will put a happy customer experience to your products; something that prospective customers will look for.

Tip #5: Offer Your Followers Exclusive Benefits

Another great way to encourage viewers to patronize your brand is by giving them new and upcoming materials. You can introduce your new product or service to them before it goes live in the market by giving out discounts, freebies, or other special offers. This will give them a chance to take a first look, taste, and feel of your new product so that they will feel like an exclusive group, and it will encourage others to follow you as well.

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