The importance of your clients can’t be understated, especially when there’s a great relationship growing. Sometimes, it’s easy to slip into the comfort zone where you feel like you can stop bringing roses. A big no! It’s important to make clients feel that they’re special all the time.

Check out these five ways on how you can give that “extra mile” to your beloved customers.

Add a Personal Touch

There’s no better way to show your customers that you really know them other than throwing in something personal to them and their business. When preparing a new business client for a toy package who personally loves plastic ghosts, you can create custom paper to print it on with some ghostly pictures on it. Or, include little puns related to ghosts in your reports. By adding simple touches like these shows your clients that you understand them and really listen to what they have to say.

Extra Communication

Don’t just stick to business emails or tweets. If you happen to see a funny website that you know that your client will enjoy, send them a message about it. If your client sells books and you happen to see something about a book bazaar in their town, let them know.

Crossing the line between formal and informal can be tricky, but in this day and age of social interaction the limits have become a blur. This means you don’t have to be afraid to nurture some one-on-one communication with your business associates.

Don’t be Afraid of Real Life

Although we all spend a lot of time in the virtual world, the outside one offers more opportunities to get to know our clients better, too. If they’re local, you can invite them to a casual gathering. Having a little fun never hurt anyone, but of course keep it civil (unless you both agree to be as uncivil as possible).

If your client is located out of time, you can probably arrange a meeting next time you’re in their area or vice versa.

Fixing Problems

If there’s ever a big issue that comes out with your client, instead of merely satisfying their needs see what more you can do to help ease their suffering. Maybe a pipe burst in their basement and you helped cover some of their business needs while they scrambled to get it fixed. Now, perhaps you can recommend a good plumber and water restoration company?

Remember Dates

Everyone likes to get a little recognition on their birthday. Or how about a nice note when your client’s ten year anniversary rolls around? Don’t forget about when your client’s kid graduates from college or gets married, as well. If you come across any important dates and events in your customer’s life, add them to your Google calendar for some easy reminders in the future. Remember, little things like these will be very much appreciated by your customers and it will make a strong and lasting impression.


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