Once you’ve come to know the full functionality of the Mac’s Option key, you will realize its usefulness and how much it can do for you. The Mac’s Option key is not just a regular key that lets you type characters or assists you in using shortcuts. Once you have learned what this key can do for you, you will learn to use it on your daily computing tasks.

Here are five things that you can do with the Option key on your Mac.

View Network Connection Details

When you click on the WiFi icon in your Mac’s menu bar, you will only see a limited number of options. With the help of the Option key, you can instruct the menu to show up more options that will let you manage your network connections.

Hold down the Option key on your keyboard, then click on the WiFi icon in your menu bar, and you should see a couple of extra options in addition to the usual ones. You should also see additional details about your current WiFi network. This option will help you diagnose your network or if you simply would like to see additional information about your current network connection.

View Battery Condition

As always, it is a good practice to regularly check the condition of your battery to determine if it’s in good health. Here’s how you can do that using your Mac’s Option key.

Hold down the Option key then click on the battery icon in the menu bar and you should see the current condition of your Mac’s battery. If it says that the condition is normal, then it means you don’t need to replace your current battery and that your Mac is still good for months to come.

View Bluetooth Details

Although Bluetooth is not as popular now as it was before, it still has some good uses on your Mac. Bluetooth is usually used with AirDrop to share files between two Apple devices.

If in case you would like to know the details about your Bluetooth adapter, all you need to do is to hold down the Option key and then click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and you should be able to see everything about your Bluetooth adapter.

Cut a File

Unfortunately, Mac does not have a “cut a file” feature like in Windows. That means you need to copy the file first, paste in on the location where you want, and then delete it from its original location. This is what “cutting a file” means on a Mac.

But with the Option key, you can achieve the “cut a file” feature on your Mac. To use it, simply copy the file as you would normally do, go to the folder where you want to paste it, hold down the Option key, right-click on the destination window, and then select Move Item Here. The file will now be available in your current folder, and will no longer exist at its original location.

Merging Folders

Usually, you won’t find the merge folder option in the Finder on your Mac. But with the Option key, you can enable it and let it do what it say it does. While holding down the Option key, drag and drop the folder and you should see the¬†Merge¬†option along with other options. It should let you merge two folders into one while keeping all of their contents intact.

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