Since it has been a year since Apple released its latest version of MacBook Pro, many believe that there will be an upgrade soon to be released. And since it’s been taking so long for the company to do that, many are speculating that the upgrade will be bigger and far more appealing than its previous updates on the flagship notebook.

To give you a hint, here are some of the circulating rumors about the upcoming MacBook over the past few months — Apple is planning to launch its latest MacBook Pro this year, featuring an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) touchbar above the keyboard that would provide additional information, notifications and action buttons for users to touch. It might also come with Apple’s Touch ID support, enhanced display, and more. Because of this, we’re not expecting the next version to be a cheap device. But considering all the upgrades that will come with it, it will still be a definite game changer.

Another rumor is that the new notebook could launch as early as late October. So until that time comes, check out some top features the next MacBook Pro should have in order to fulfill its potential and make it a must-have.

1. It’s Great to Have the OLED Touch Bar


The big new feature in Apple’s MacBook Pro is rumored to be an OLED touch bar that would sit above the keyboard. The bar would represent the first time Apple has bundled a touch screen into its notebook computer line and would act both as a place for users to get information and to interact with macOS Sierra. While it would replace the function keys located above the keyboard, it’s a must-have if Apple is planning to offer a major update along with a higher price.

2. Touch ID Seems a Logical Choice

We all know that you can log into a Windows PC using a fingerprint sensor for quite some time now. And yet, Apple, which has been offering a fingerprint sensor in its mobile products for years, has been behind that curve. That needs to end with the new MacBook Pro. Similar on the iPhone or iPad, the Touch ID would allows its users to unlock the operating system. And since macOS Sierra already comes with Apple Pay support in Safari, the Touch ID sensor could be used to make payments from the Mac.

3. A 4K Display Would Be Perfect


For years, Apple has been offering the Retina Display in its MacBook Pros, however, they have been taken for granted by its Windows-based competitors that offer higher-resolution screens. Because of this, it would be a smart move for Apple if they will provide a 4K display with its new MacBook Pro. This will let users to be able to watch 4K content and would surely make the next MacBook Pro very appealing especially for gamers as well as entertainment seekers. Having this kind of feature will finally give its competitors a run for their money.

4. USB Type-C Support


Well it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if Apple decided to add the USB Type-C support in its next MacBook Pro. USB Type-C is a versatile technology that allows for everything from charging support to data transfers. What good about it is it’s small port, helping Apple design computers with more compelling designs. Overall, it doesn’t make much sense for Apple to ignore USB Type-C in its next MacBook Pro.

5. Nvidia GPUs for the Win

There are still rumors that debates have been ongoing whether Apple and Nvidia have sealed a graphics deal and whether powerful Nvidia processors would even be ready in time to make their way to a MacBook Pro that could launch as early as October. However, offers some of the best graphics processors in the world and deliver better products than the AMD chips Apple is using. And since Apple seems intent on making the MacBook Pro a graphical powerhouse, it would make sense for its next version to come with the latest and greatest technology.

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