Some months ago when Microsoft introduced the latest version of its Surface Pro line of tablets/hybrids, it was well-received by both reviewers and consumers. Specifically, the Surface Pro 4 arrived with some pretty nifty improvements over its predecessor while retaining mainly the same footprint.

However, while the device is pretty awesome as it is, there is always nonetheless some room for improvement. This year, many are already anticipating Microsoft’s release of a newer Surface Pro hybrid. And along with this, the rumor mill has started to churn as to how the device will stand out.

Below are five things that we are hoping to see on the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

More Lightweight

While the Surface Pro 4 is pretty lightweight for what it can do, it’s still considered heavier at 1.76 lbs compared to other tablets on the market today, specifically Apple’s iPad Pro and Google’s Pixel C. Although for some it’s actually not a big deal, but improving the weight aspect of the device can actually be a good selling point for some, if not most, consumers.

Fingerprint Scanner

The Surface Pro 4 comes with a fingerprint scanner for bio-metric authentication. However, unlike other devices like the Apple iPad Pro, the fingerprint scanner on the Surface Pro 4 does not come on the body of the device but rather on the accessory Type Cover keyboard that comes with it. This poses an inconvenient for people who don’t want to buy the keyboard as well as those who prefer to go for the less expensive alternative. So with the coming of the Surface Pro 5, we are expecting that the company will integrate the scanner feature on the device itself.

New Surface Pen

Last January, there have been reports by Patently Mobile that Microsoft filed a patent for a rechargeable stylus and dock, which the company could announce alongside the Surface Pro 5. It would be a welcome upgrade if it’s going to be a charging stylus, as the Surface Pen requires AAAA batteries.

The stylus shows having an on/off button, indicator light, and a charging terminal near its based as illustrated in the schematic drawings. The patent reveals that the charging element would be magnetic, and allow the stylus to charge while laying flat against the dock.

Keyboard Inclusion

Without the Type Cover, the Surface Pro 4 is merely a shadow of itself. In order to reach the maximum potential of the device, the keyboard is a must. However, to get it one has to cash out an extra $130. For a device as expensive as the Surface Pro 4, that shouldn’t be the case. We’re hoping that Microsoft will finally decide to include the keyboard in the box for its customers along with the Surface Pro 5.

Quiet Fan

The fan noise may be one of the reported issues on the Surface Pro 4. Though the fan does not kick in that often and only gives off a noise whenever it does some heavy work. This can be annoying, especially when the device is being used as a tablet. It would be a great experience if the upcoming Surface Pro 5 is as powerful as its predecessor — the Surface Pro 4 — without the fan noise, that is.

The Surface Pro 5 is still under building stage, and will not be released until around October this year. Nobody knows, at least the consumer side, what the device will actually look like, but these are the things that we are hoping to see and experience on the promising Surface Pro 5.


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