As 2014 finally left, we can now speculate as to what technology trends await us for 2015. Most likely – short of traveling to another planet or doing time travel – the new technology trends for 2015 will likely focus more on how we do business and improving the mobility of handheld devices, plus a few more innovations to improve our day-to-day activities.

Here are five trends in technology people should anticipate in 2015:

Mobile Payments

Mobile payment systems let you use your smartphone in place of a credit card. This will become widespread in 2015 as already proven by Apple Pay and CurrentC in 2014. The system greatly reduces credit card fees and makes transactions much faster. The only possible downside is that the system might lead to privacy and security concerns.

Personal Stealth Protection

Mobile payment services like Apply Pay communicate with point-of-sales devices using near-field communication (NFC) technology, similar to earlier radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems. However, these systems are vulnerable to hackers who can steal information just by being in close proximity to the phone or POS device. Thus, 2015 will see a proliferation of a wide array of stealth protection wear and accessories such as RFID-blocking wallets, jackets, bags, phone casings, and even pants designed to block wireless signals to your phone or other devices.

Virtual Reality

Prime examples are the upcoming Oculus Rift virtual reality head-mounted display and Sony’s Project Morpheus. Also, a few film production studios are now dabbling into 3-D virtual reality movies directly to viewers.

Internet of Things

Now called IoT, the consumers of 2015 will find themselves surrounded by a growing number of devices with the ability to communicate directly with each other. These devices will become an important part of our daily activities at home, at work, even when in the car, and during shopping. Google started this trend in late 2014 when they acquired connected home device maker Nest. GE, Intel, AT&T, and Samsung are expected to jump on the IoT bandwagon this 2015.

Real Time Translation

Recently, Skype released the first real-time translation system for spoken English and Spanish. Using students from the U.S. and Mexico, the system works just like in the sci-fi films; you speak in English, the computer instantly translates to Spanish, and vice-versa. Advances in this field mean more additional languages soon and industry watchers expect more breakthroughs in in 2015. An app for instant voice translation for smartphones is one of the most exciting possibilities of 2015.

As technology grows in leaps and bounds, more advances and trends may be expected to suddenly pop out in 2015. For instance, even in its infancy, commercial drones are slowly making headway due to its many uses and benefits. Perhaps the idea of going to another planet at light speed may not be such a farfetched idea after all.


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