Recently, Microsoft updated the Outlook app for iOS and Android. But will the major revamp be enough to convince you to switch from your stock email client? So, in order for you to decide better, here are some five awesome features you can get from the new Microsoft Outlook app.

Streamline inbox – Focused and Other

Microsoft Outlook intelligently filters your mailbox to keep you focused on messages that are more important. Less relevant emails such as promotions and newsletters, are moved to the Other box, while those emails from all the registered accounts are kept in the Focused box. It supports Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, Gmail, iCloud, and Yahoo! Mail. In the screenshot shown below, you can see the format of the other messages notification — “Other: 20 new conversations.”

Attachments are now easier with Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive Support

Collaboration and productivity are now made easy as the app lets you view and attach files from third-party cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google, and its very own One Drive. Having access to any of these services enables you to send even large files without downloading them to your mobile devices. To activate this, you simply need to log in to your Dropbox and One Drive accounts to invoke authorization. If you’re using Gmail, it will be included as attachments in the File tab.

Quick Access to Calendar – Full View

The calendar option is similar to the stock iOS calendar, and because of this feature, schedules and meetings can be easily accessed via email. You will be notified if there are any upcoming appointments, which means you can’t miss it. Switching from mailbox to calendar is smooth and its interface unifies these options.

Customize Swipe Options – Archive, Schedule, and more

Outlook also features archive, schedule, or delete, which is inspired by the default swipe options of the Mail app. The schedule option lets you schedule a message in four ways — in a few hours, this evening, tomorrow, or choose a time. You can see this option under Settings, then Swipe Options. You can customize the gesture for quick email management.

Quick Search – Find Anything and Everything

The new Microsoft Outlook app has its own Spotlight search version where you can search anything — regardless if it’s a name, a file, or a meeting. The magnifying glass on top searches for the keyword or phrase you have entered within all the registered accounts. The Quick Filter segregates the attachments and messages you have flagged.

With the new Microsoft Outlook’s convergence of Mail, Calendar, Files, and People tabs under a single roof, this may improve any user’s experience. Writing emails can now be more efficient, providing you with three quick access modes of Calendar option (to send availability or create an invite), Location, and Attachment option that itself has three choices: Choose from Files, Photo Library, and Take a Photo.

So what do you think of the new Microsoft Outlook app? If you think its new features will be very beneficial to you, then it might be the perfect time to make that switch.

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