Apple’s iOS is quite capable, especially with the release of iOS 7 and the newly announced iOS 8. As Apple mentioned, developers have been provided with deeper access and more tools to help them create exciting new apps. However, it is a known fact that Google’s Android platform permits app developers more freedom to explore new functionality. This open approach has led to the development of different apps that made Android devices do a ton of amazing things that iOS devices simply cannot. Check out some of the apps that added terrific functionality to Android devices that iOS devices can’t have.

Cover Lock Screen

Android app Cover Lock Screen

Cover Lock Screen is an exclusive Android app that identifies which apps you often use when in different locations you frequent and places them on your lock screen for easy access. It uses location and motion data to determine if you are at home, at work, or driving somewhere. It then rearranges the apps that will be available on the lock screen based on your most frequented apps when in that specific location or situation.

Cover Lock Screen is free of charge and can be downloaded here.


Android app Start

The Start app transforms the simple lock screen into a hub by allowing up to 24 app shortcuts and wide range of data from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, etc. It also provides immediate access to media, weather, and music applications without having the need to unlock the Android device. With the Start app, you can easily launch multiple apps from the lock screen. Furthermore, you can place a call, send a text message or email to your friends and family without unlocking your phone.

Start is available here and is free of charge.


Android app Agent

Agent is an app that makes your smartphone smarter. It automatically saves your battery by dimming the screen and turning Bluetooth off; silences your phone during meetings or when you’re sleeping, remembers where you’ve parked, auto-responds when you’re driving, and allows only urgent calls and messages through when you’re sleeping. And the great thing about this app is it’s free and can be downloaded here.

Profile Schedulers

Android app Profile Schedulers

Profile Scheduler is an app that allows you to tweak just about every setting on your Android device depending on the location, time, battery status, or any other criteria you have set. It allows you to change volumes, Wi-Fi settings, and other phone settings without any hassle. You can activate any profile with a simple click or by a rule you have created. Imagine having the volume automatically decrease when you reach the office, or having your phone go into Silent mode when you put your phone face down during a meeting. How about automatically turning the Wi-Fi setting on and connecting to your home network. As well as turning off all connections when the battery is low. These are just some of the profiles you can create using this amazing app.

The free version of Profile Scheduler can be downloaded here. While Profile Scheduler+, which costs $3.49 can be downloaded here.


Android AppLock

AppLock is an Android utility that protects other apps from being accessed without entering the correct password. It acts as a second layer of security by adding another passcode (password or pattern) aside from the standard PIN or passcode to help you better protect your privacy. AppLock can lock SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Photo Gallery, Market, Settings, Calls, and any app you choose.

You can download AppLock for free here.

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