Do you have an old computer that you’re thinking about replacing because it’s starting to slow down all too often? Well, there are actually much more practical alternatives.

We all know how enticing the idea of simply junking it and replacing it with a brand new computer can be, but you might be better off finding better alternatives so you make the old PC useful. And you’ll be surprised on the other things you can do with an old PC.

Think back to the day you bought that old computer and brought it home. It seemed like a Speedy Gonzales at the time, didn’t it? There are a couple of reasons why that same computer seems to run as so slow as if filled with molasses:

  • If you’re comparing your old PC with the new computers that you see as you pass by stores, when it comes to computer technology, new and modern is always going to be faster than your old PC. That’s just a fact of life in today’s fast changing technology world.
  • Each new version of Microsoft Windows naturally slows down over time as the Registry gets clogged up and corrupted and more programs and data files are squeezed onto the hard drive. To make matters worse, viruses and malware can make an already slow system slow down even further.

Replace the old OS with a lighter OS

Try a lighter and alternative operating system like Linux or Ubuntu. Since they can’t interface with most Windows programs, you can replace Office with free software like Open Office or LibreOffice. You can then use your old PC for simply browsing the internet using Chrome or for your social media accounts. You’ll notice that when you open a site on your browser it pops open really fast.

Use it for dedicated media

You probably have hours of music, podcasts, movies, or TV shows stored locally and need a way to watch them on your PC. Why not create a dedicated media server with your old PC. Imagine playing music or watching a TV series while working on another PC. You can install software like Kodi if you’re running on open source OS like Linux. Plex has most of the same features and can be installed and run on PC’s also using open source OS. Both Kodi and Plex can also run on iOS system Mac computers or old Macs converted with Linux.

Use it as your home CCTV

If you’ve got an elderly desktop with a stray webcam you can attach, you can put it to use as a dedicated home CCTV. Reinstall Windows and install iSpy software. Set the computer up and let it run. You’ll get remote access on the webcam to view what’s happening around the house, or if you’ve got a microphone, you also have audio. It can be used to monitor the house, employees, babysitters, kids, pets, wildlife, and more. You can covertly or overtly watch what’s goings on through a web page or apps on iOS and Android.

Skype dedicated

Why not dedicate your old PC as a messaging communication tool just for Skype or other messaging apps. A fresh install of Windows 10 will do the trick since Skype is included. Or you can use Linux and download Skype for Linux. You can also set up for Skype, plus have the option to use other web-based video conferencing tools as needed such as Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger,, etc. Make sure to install Chrome for all this.


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