Here are at least 4 tech habits everyone should have in order to keep their computer and gadgets in great working shape. However, if you’re already practicing these habits, then by all means share this with your friends that don’t. And remember that while these habits may minimize calling tech support, which is good for you, some things may still pop out unexpectedly so you’ll always need technical support.

Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

When you’re desperate to check your e-mails or post something on Facebook, it can be tempting to connect to that open Wi-Fi network or the password-free network of a nearby Starbucks. However, doing so opens you up to all sorts of attacks, and you really should be worried about your security. It doesn’t take much hacking experience to find out someone’s Facebook or other credentials using public Wi-Fi. And don’t think just because a network has a password that means it’s safe. If other users are on that network, they can access your data. Stay safe when you’re on public Wi-Fi by turning off the sharing settings and only use it when necessary.

Know What Maintenance Your Computer Needs (And Doesn’t Need)

We all know computers and gadgets take a little maintenance to run in tip top shape, but there’s no need to hand it over to tech support all the time to get it done. Most of it is easy enough to do right at home. They can all be learned as soon as you get your computer or gadget running, or you can search the Internet on how to do them. This is the amazing magic of “Google it.”

Clean Your Gadgets Regularly

A PC desktop gathers dust even if it’s just at home or even in an air-conditioned room. Imagine how much dust and dirt, including different kinds of germs and viruses that can gather on mobile devices. For PC’s, clean them out at least once a month using a can of compressed air. Use a soft brush to dust off the monitor, keyboard, and outside the CPU. Use the same brush to also clean your laptop at least once a week. You can also use a compressed air can to quickly remove those hard-to-reach dust and particles in your laptop. For smartphones and tablets, be sure to use a soft microfiber cloth (the type usually used to wipe eyeglasses) to wipe the gadgets, especially the LCD. Do this every other day to keep the gadgets clean.

Use Secure Passwords

Yesterday’s clever password tricks aren’t protecting you from today’s hackers, and you need to be extra vigilant in this age of constant security breaches. For now, the technique is to utilize a mixture of words, numbers, or symbols. Never use obvious words, names, or numbers that involve birthdays, anniversaries, etc. that can be easy for hackers to guess.

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