Whether you have a brand new PC running on Windows 10 or you’ve just upgraded your six-year-old PC to the newest OS, there are different ways on how to make it faster. Now, don’t think that this is about how to speed up complex spreadsheets or processing tons of Photoshop edits; this is about faster startup, shutdown, and Start-menu access.

So without further ado, here are three easy ways to speed up your Windows 10 computer.

1. Faster Startup

We all go through Microsoft’s never-ending demand for password every time we log in to Windows. Yes, we know, it’s all for security reasons. But shouldn’t users get to decide if they prefer to password-protect their PCs?

And although Microsoft strongly disagrees about totally disabling the password security on your PC, there’s still a way on how to do it should you prefer not to have one in order to save some precious boot up seconds. And even though you’re one fast typist, having to stop and enter your login password will still take up a few seconds of your boot up time.

First, click on the Start menu, then in the Search field, type “netplwiz” then press [Enter]. Simply uncheck the box next to Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. Next, click on the Apply button, and then enter your password to confirm your new changes.

That’s it! From now on, Windows will no longer ask you to enter a password during the boot up process.

2. Faster shutdown

If you’re the traditional type wherein you still shut down your PC at night, or every time you throw it into your laptop bag and go somewhere else. For some it’s OK, but for others, having to go through the shut down procedure is still time consuming for them.

Check out this KB article to find out the different ways on how to shut down your PC faster. These options won’t make your computer shut down automatically or instantly, but it will require lesser clicks just before you can say “bye-bye” to it. Find out which of those three easy ways will make your PC shutdown time faster and more convenient.

3. Quicker Start Menu

If you have quite an older computer, you probably noticed that the new Start menu of Windows 10 takes some time to appear after clicking on it. That is due to its animation nature, which consumes some of your computer’s horsepower.

Here’s how you can disable the Start menu’s animation for faster access. On the Search field, type in “sysdm.cpl” then press the [Enter] key. Next, click on the Advanced tab, and then click on theSettings button under the Performance section. Look for Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing, then uncheck the box next to it. Click the Apply button to save the changes you made.

Now your PC’s Start menu should now be accessible a bit faster than it was before. This tweak will also be applied to all your windows, since they won’t be animated either.



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