Microsoft’s new web browser, formerly nicknamed “Spartan,” is now released as Microsoft Edge. As of the moment, there’s really not much you can tweak around this new browser to make it act and look like the way you want it to be — but that doesn’t mean it’s pretty much useless. The browser lets you change its theme and make changes to the start page and new tab page.

So below are three easy ways on how to customize the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Change the Theme

One of the limitations of of Edge is that it doesn’t let you install third-party themes unlike Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Though in the future, Edge may eventually support external themes. To change the way how Edge looks, you can switch the built-in theme of Microsoft. You can choose between Dark or Light, which is the default theme.

If you want to change themes, all you need to do is to click on the  button located at the upper-right hand corner of the window. Next, go to Settings and then under Choose a theme, click the drop-down menu to choose between Light or Dark. The Light theme features traditional light grays, while the Dark theme turns your toolbars and menus practically black.

Set Your Start Page

The start page will display what you want to see the first time you open your Edge on each startup. You may choose to customize things for the start page as well. Here you have four options: a certain page/pages, previous pages, a new tab page, or the MSN page. If you are an old Windows user, you may already know what these options mean.

To customize the start page, click on the same  button, go to Settings, and then choose Open with. From here, you can choose any of the four options mentioned a while ago. If you select the A specific page or pages, you will see a drop-down menu with more options such as CustomBing, and MSN. The Custom option allows you to set a webpage you prefer as the start page of the browser. For this, simply type in the website’s URL, and then click on the plus symbol. If you want to remove a certain website from the list, click on the X button next to the URL you want to remove. You can also reorder the pages you entered the link to by dragging. The Bing and MSN options will, as the name suggests, set Bing or MSN as your start page.

Customize New Tabs

After customizing your start page, you may also want to consider customizing your new tabs, too. What would you like to see when you open a new tab in Edge? For this, you have three options: Top sites and suggested content, top sites, or a blank page. It seems clear that some Internet Explorer users may not like the lack of a custom page option. There is no option to select a custom URL or open new tabs with the home page.

To customize new tabs in Edge, click again on the  button, go to Settings, and then navigate to Open new tabs with, and then make your selection from the drop-down menu. If you choose Top sites and suggested content, you can customize further what you see by opening a new tab and clicking customize next to Top sites.


From here, you can select your preferred language, content and favorite topics, which will dictate the suggested content you see.

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  1. Barbara Jandt says:

    Come on, MS Edge is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen on a computer, and the current setting options are worthless as far as improving the looks of it. That makes the fact that it doesn’t work very well even harder to take. I’ve been waiting for an hour trying to get my Netflix to load. Often I have to do a reboot (that’s Windows 10, probably, not Edge, but it’s all together in one package) in order to get the sound to work. I’m really very frustrated with the whole thing.

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