The electronic age, the computer age, and the information age have made technology grow in great leaps and bounds, something never seen or experienced even in the 20th century. However, you’ll be surprised that in this day and age of the 21st century, there are still people that use technology ignorantly as if they were back in the age of people who believed that the earth was flat and that a flying airplane was an evil creature. And none receives this discredit than the poor computer, so let’s check out the misconceptions and misuses that people believe about their computers.

Refresh Makes the Computer Work Faster

This might strike almost all computer users who frantically refresh their desktop all the time. In fact, not many people know what refresh is for, thinking that it makes their computer work faster. When a new file is added, a new folder is named, an old folder renamed, or renaming an old file, the operating system sometimes fails to automatically refresh the computer to reflect the changes. For example, when you rename your songs or movies, it doesn’t immediately reflect the changes. The manual refresh option does this, and you’ll see the changes now reflected. This bad habit of continually hitting the refresh button started with users of earlier Windows versions, and it soon caught on.

Some Men Think They Can Fix the Computer Themselves

According to a recent survey in the U.S. of men and women using computers, 46% of men responded that they can fix their computers, even if they can’t. In fact, they couldn’t even diagnose a simple problem, let alone fix it. What is it with men who don’t ask for directions or don’t call a tech support company for help on their computers?

A Motherboard is a Deck on a Cruise Ship

Some computer jargon and its hardware are complicated, but we can assume that most people know what a motherboard is, right? Wrong, because in the same survey taken above, 42% of people think that a motherboard is a deck on a cruise ship. Maybe these people also believe that the earth is flat? Well, some 4% think that a motherboard is a female managing director. For goodness sake, it’s that printed circuit board in your computer that holds all the electronic components, literally called, “mother of all boards.”

HTML is an STD

HTML is everywhere, but not because it’s a sexually transmitted disease (STD). If you have a computer, HTML is in everything; e-mails, videos, your Facebook page, and all your computer browsers. Hyper Text Markup Language is the computer language that makes web pages come alive. This is the language that gives the web its colors, images, texts, and other elements. However, 11% of Americans think that it’s an STD and 10% believe that it’s the road structure in England.

Cloud Computing is Affected by Bad Weather

In a survey conducted by the Citrix group, 51% of respondents believe that bad weather can affect cloud computing. 95% of respondents even said that they don’t use it even if cloud computing is what they use in the office to share documents and reports. Cloud computing simply refers to remote servers that allow sharing of data through the Internet.

A Browser is a Search Engine

In the same survey above, 92% of people think that Google and Yahoo are browsers. Almost 90% don’t know that these are search engines. A browser is simply a software application used to access web pages on the Internet. If you’re using Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, these are your browsers and they allow you to open Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

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