Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browser out there. It has steadily grown in popularity since its release in 2008. With its simple and minimalist, yet feature-filled interface, no wonder users are ditching their old browsers in its favor.

Google Chrome has a lot of hidden features that can hugely enhance your browsing experience. To learn more about these cool features, check out the list below:

10 Hidden Google Chrome Features You Should Know About

Built-in Task Manager

All Windows users know pressing [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Delete] will open Windows Task Manager. But not everyone is aware that Google Chrome has its own task manager. Having its own task manager allows Chrome to treat each tab as a separate process. So, if one of the tabs is experiencing problems, you can simply close the offending tab and not resort to closing the entire browser.

To access Chrome’s task manager go to Tools > Task manager. You can also access it by pressing [Shift]+[Esc].

Pin Tab

Chrome’s Pin Tab feature is ideal to the tabs that are permanently open when you’re browsing, such as work website, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc.

To pin a tab, simply right-click on it and select Pin tab. You could also drag tabs towards the left to pin them automatically.

Paste and Go/Paste and Search

Paste and go and Paste and search are useful shortcuts found in Google Chrome. Both are useful if you want to copy a URL from another browser and view it in Chrome, or if you want to search for a text from a website or a WORD document in Chrome.

If you want to copy a URL and view it in Chrome, you do not need to press [Ctrl]+[V]+[Enter] to go to the URL, simply right-click on the address bar and select Paste and go. The same thing applies to the text you want to search using Chrome, simply right-click on the address bar and select Paste and search.

Drag and Drop Downloads

In Google Chrome, you can easily drag and drop all downloaded files to your desktop or any folder on your computer. So there is no need for you to change the download location each time you download a file.

Quick Calculations and Unit Conversions from Address Bar

Chrome’s address bar has many uses including doubling up as a Google search bar. What’s more is it can also be used to make basic math calculations and unit conversions. All you need to do is to type the basic math equation or unit conversion on the address bar and it will display the answer below.

Drag and Resize Text on Webpage

Another useful Chrome feature is its ability to resize the text boxes on web pages by dragging the box from the corner to make it bigger.

Reopen All Tabs

Google Chrome has an option that allows you to reopen previously opened web pages before you closed the browser. This option is very useful especially when your browser suddenly crashes while you have a lot of tabs opened. To enable this option, go to Settings. Under On startup, select Continue where you left off.

Drag to Search

With Google Chrome, performing a web search of a word or phrase that is on a page is made easy. You do not need to copy and paste the word or phrase into the address or search bar to perform a web search. All you need to do is highlight the word or phrase and drag it into the address bar. You can also right-click on the highlighted word or phrase and click Search Google for.

Copy Paste Only Text

When you copy anything from a webpage and paste it on another application (except on Notepad), you will notice that it will include HTML and CSS codes with the text which is quite annoying.

Google Chrome has a feature that allows you to copy and paste only the text from a webpage to somewhere else on Chrome itself, like in Gmail’s compose window or in Google Docs. All you need to do is press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[V] instead of [Ctrl]+[V].

Sync Bookmarks, AutoFills, and Extensions to Google Account

Chrome’s ability to sync bookmarks, autofills, extensions, and more, is probably one of the most useful feature it has. This feature backs up your bookmarks, autofills, extensions, etc. to your Google account and syncs them when you are using Chrome on another computer. To sync your Chrome bookmarks using your Google account, simply sign in to your Google account, then click the menu icon>Settings>Advanced sync settings. From there, select Sync everything, and then click OK.

These are just some of Chrome’s hidden features. Have fun trying to uncover the rest.


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